Winter Blizzard 2011

There are primarily for my parents, but take a look….

The blizzard started about noon today.  I would project, if I had to guess, that we have about 8 inches of snow right now and we’re supposed to get anywhere from 16-22.  We’ll just have to see.

Here are some pictures and video of just today…

about 9:00AM

notice the blue snow shovel still visible-9:00AM

about 4:00PM (about to go plow for the 2nd time today)

about 4:30PM (Paul on the tractor in the distance)

about 7:00PM (our back door)

about 8:00PM

about 8:30PM (the snow shovel is buried)

our back door with snow in the window panes

I have a feeling I’ll be taking more tomorrow, once it is light outside again.  Maybe I’ll even venture out in it.  I have a couple of videos I took, too, but I don’t know how to upload them….


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