Food Network

We don’t have cable so we don’t get the Food Network, but when I do have access to it, I like to watch the Food Network.  Every now and then I’ll watch Rachael Ray in the afternoon on NBC.  She used to cook the entire hour, which I liked.  Now she has 30 minutes of “guests” and then only cooks for 30 minutes.  I don’t like it as much b/c I think she has lost who she is, but that is another post for another day.

Anyway, whenever I watch shows on the Food Network, they always “have it together.”  When they are cooking, they always have all their utensils ready and available.  They always have everything they need right in the front of the pantry or cabinet.   They never have to look for things.  They never have to stop and do something else while cooking.  They never have to clean up their own mess.

Well, Giada and Rachael Ray have nothing on me.  I could have my own cooking show, but it would be reality.  It would be real.  It would be filled with mistakes.  It would be filled with multi-tasking.  Here is my night.

For dinner we had:

grilled chicken breast garnished with butter, lemon juice and parsley

bacon-wrapped aspargus


Here’s how the night went….

  • pull the chicken and parsley out of the fridge, put the chicken in a pan to grill
  • go to the bathroom
  • remember there are clothes in the washer, move clothes from the washer to the dryer
  • cut up parsley, start cooking chicken (remember I need to put the asparagus in b/c it takes about 15-20 minutes to cook)
  • turn the oven on, wait about 5 minutes for the oven to actually turn on and another 10 minutes for it to heat up
  • look for olive oil in cabinet; have to take out a lot of things…still can’t find it (improvise with something else)
  • spice up the asparagus and wrap with bacon
  • empty some of the trash in the kitchen into another trashcan b/c kitchen trashcan is full and there’s no where to put it
  • step over the parsley that was spilled on the floor
  • lemon juice gets squirted all over the counter
  • butter and lemon juice sauteed on stove
  • use the last paper towel, have to replace the paper towel roll
  • flip chicken and load up asparagus and bacon on baking dish, put in oven
  • pull fork out of drawer and drawer falls out b/c the bottom piece of wood is broken.
  • take 2nd drawer out to reach piece of broken wood (it breaks frequently)
  • jam it back into place and strategically slide both drawers back into place
  • clean up spilled lemon juice
  • empty overflowing dishrack and put up all the dishes
  • flip chicken again
  • burn parsley, forgetting its on the stove, with the butter and lemon juice
  • wash dishes that are already in the sink (from meals earlier today), put in dishrack to dry
  • refill 4 water bottles to get them off of the counter b/c I’m running out of counter space
  • eat candy bar while waiting for chicken to finish
  • check TV to see what’s on the TV (State of the Union address)
  • flip chicken again
  • stop to watch a few minutes of Wheel of Fortune
  • wash pan parsley was burned in
  • tell Paul dinner is about ready (give him a little “buffer time”)
  • get salad out of fridge (leftover from lunch-so it’s already made)
  • garnish chicken with parsley mix
  • clean up parsley on the floor
  • get asparagus out of oven
  • clean off counter to plate up food (sink is full of dirty dishes, again)
  • plate up chicken and asparagus, plate up salad

Dinner is served!!

  • find the olive oil that I couldnt’ find earlier
  • put up dishes in the dishrack
  • wash dishes from dinner, put in dishrack

See, my own show….what do you think?

(all the stuff in bold is stuff they never have to deal with)….


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