Day Twenty-One

A picture of yourself….

Let me preface this by saying…

There are a couple of other blogs I read (I’m a blog-stalker) that do “What I Wore…” days.  One girl will blog about “Friday Outfits” (what she wears every Friday).  Another girl does “WWIW,” Wednesday-What I Wore.  Then, they label each clothing item and say where they got it (Loft, Ann Taylor, Kohl’s, etc).  I usually look at those blogs and just smile (and think to myself, “Wow, they have such cute clothes.  Wow, they are so stylish.”)

And, then there’s me.  So, here is a picture of myself and my contribution to “WIWE,” What I Wear Everyday.  Here’s a typical outfit for me….

T-shirt:  Hawaii gift shop-$7.00

Long-sleeve t-shirt (that you can’t see): Inn at the Lake-Lake City, CO-free

Hoodie:  Great Oaks-free

Jeans: Old Navy-less than $20, probably.

Black pajama pants underneath jeans (that you can’t see): Old Navy-bought so long ago; I can’t remember.

Boots:  Academy-$9.00 (the BEST $9.00 I’ve spent in a LONG TIME)-SUPER COMFY!

I also think I probably had two pair of socks on, too.

What can you learn from this picture….

Dressing up in layers is NOT flattering!!!

Here I am when I actually look “nice.” (I went out last night to eat with some ladies from my church)

Shirt:  Belk-have no idea, Dad bought it

Jeans:  Wal-Mart-bought so long; I can’t remember

Boots:  Shoe Dept-$24.00

What can you learn from this picture….

I “clean-up” pretty good!!

What else can we learn from the first picture and from reading other posts?

I will never look like those other girls.  And, I’m OK with that.  Here’s why:

  • I don’t have to shower everyday (I bet they do).
  • I don’t have to wear heels everyday (I bet they do).
  • I can wear jeans everyday (I bet they can’t).
  • I can wear the same jeans for 5 days in a row (I beat they can’t).
  • I walk 100 steps (literally) everyday to work (I bet they have to drive).
  • I don’t go to work until 9:15-9:30 and usually go home b/w 4:00-4:30 (I bet they have to work 8-5).
  • I get to go home everyday for lunch (I bet they don’t).
  • I get to see my husband all day, everyday (I bet they don’t).
  • I don’t have to shave my legs very often b/c I wear layer upon layer of pants b/c it’s 9 degrees outside (I bet they have to shave more often than I do).

So, even though I LOVE dressing up and am a little bit jealous of their nice clothes (and their ability to be able to buy nicer articles of clothing), I wouldn’t trade my free clothes and layers for anything….right now.

And, now back to my Sunday nap.


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