Goodbye 2010

This past year (2010) was our first full year in Illinois….it brought challenges, joy, heartaches, excitement, frustrations, celebrations, and a chance to start it all over again….

Here’s to 2010:


We went to Hawaii on vacation


I went to Wisconsin to see Kara (added another state to my list)


We lived the whole month of March in the mud....literally....

If you want to read more about those adventures, you can click here, here, here, here, and here….(yep, there was that much mud)!

Paul also did some traveling in March….he went to Indiana, Iowa, and a couple of more places in Illinois, recruiting for counselors.


I flew to Texas to see my parents

I also saw some sweet friends:  Dawn, Jen and Jeff, Becky, Meagan, and Beverly….

I went caving in South Illinois

We got pictures taken for Mom's Mother's Day gift

To see more, you can go here

On April 12th, our dear friend and co-worker, Jim, was involved in an accident here at camp.  You can read about it here and here….


We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  You can read about it here

I shaved Paul's head for the 1st time (and have done it two or three times since then)

We joined Chillicothe Christian Church (a wonderful decision)

Summer Camp began


discovered Shore Acres Pool in Chillicothe--went a lot during the summer

I went to Chicago to see Dawn and her girls while they were on a mission trip

Paul also celebrated his 30th birthday.  He spent the day driving to Iowa and I cooked lunch for 85 people!


We celebrated July 4th by eating at Jim and Ember’s and then going to watch fireworks in Chillicothe.

Paul and I both went to Wisconsin to see Kara and Andrew (add another state to Paul's list)

For some reason, that picture is tiny….sorry…



Paul thought he would go camping....he decided it wasn't his "thing"

You can read about the rest of his adventure here….

Luckily my birthday does not fall during camp season, so we celebrated my 30th birthday by going to Rockford and Moline, IL….

I was ecstatic to go to Chick-Fil-A for my birthday lunch! (We even brought 3 sandwiches home)....

Paul's parents and sister came to visit

It was their first time to visit us since we moved to Illinois.  You can read more about their trip here and here

The best part of August!!!

I went to New York!

at Central Park with my mom

To read more about that trip, you can go here, here, here, here, here, here, and here…(yes, there were that many posts about New York)….

I also got to see…


To read more about that visit, go here

Man, looking back….August was a busy month!


My aunt and uncle came to visit for a night, so we went to Tanner’s Orchard

Most of my posts in September were about my trip to New York (in August), so apparently not much happened in September.  Except, we did start having a small group meet at our house.  We are blessed to have sweet friends, the Cline’s, who have loved us, embraced us, prayed for us, and fed us over the past few months.


Not much happened in October, either, but you can go here to see the beautiful fall colors.


The mice made their appearance...again....

We spent Thanksgiving Day with some friends from church, the Cline’s and the Kelly’s.  We enjoyed having somewhere to go.

our first "snow" on November 30th


our first BIG SNOW came and we got the car stuck

I played outside with Hannah, (Rebecca, and Jacob)

We experience our first blizzard

You can see more pictures here

My parents drove from Texas to spend Christmas with us

You can see more pictures here, here, and here

And, lastly, Paul and I rang in the New Year hanging out with the Cline’s, the Kelly’s, and the Harnesses…



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