Random Thoughts

  • This time last year we were in the Dallas area (Texas) ALMOST home for Thanksgiving.

This year I am laying on the couch watching “You’ve Got Mail” and listening to Paul snore in the other room….

Being in the car for 16 hours or laying on the couch…..which one is better?  Last year the destination was better, but after a very busy weekend, I am glad to be home.

  • On Friday night and all day Saturday we were in Springfield, IL at ICTC (Illinois Christian Teen Convention).  Nine of the youth from our church went and Rusty needed sponsors, so we went.  

After going to ICTC, I have decided I am too old to go on youth trips.  The music was SO LOUD….Paul said he was teeth were rattling….and staying up until 2:30 and getting up at 6:30 is NOT FUN!!  We got home last night and I went to be at 9:00PM.

  • Does anyone else:  1.) make their bed, 2.) clean the house, and 3.) put up all the laundry before you go out of town?

I do.  Paul makes fun of me.  I always make sure everything is put away and the house is neat before we leave.  There are two reasons why I do it.

1.) If a robber comes in and trashs our house, at least I’ll notice. 

2.) If we get in an accident or if something bad happens to us while we are gone and the police have to go in our house, at least it’ll be presentable.

🙂  I don’t think it’s weird….at all.

  • I have decided I am too old to wear 3-inch black boots to church. 

I wore them this morning to church and they killed my feet.  I was walking a lot this morning up and down the stairs (we had a potluck lunch and I was helping put stuff out) and I finally had to take them off and walk around in just my socks.  Which was fine, except I had on Halloween socks on.  Whoops.  I probably should’ve planned that better.

  • We have the whole week off from work.  8 days!!!

It’s F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!  Here is what is on my agenda:  1.) sleeping late, 2.) haircut, 3.) massage (thanks to our early Christmas bonus I get a massage), 4.) a night in Peoria with Paul, 5.) dinner and a movie, 6.)  Thanksgiving with our friends from church (they felt sorry for the lonely people at Great Oaks, I guess).  I’m excited!!

Well, I’m off to go take the mandatory Sunday afternoon nap.


One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. I loved this post, although I’m sad we can’t see you this year. I won’t even go to Dallas for the holiday, let alone 16 hours. Well, I think we are going to have dinner on Weds. with my mom, but that is all. Driving right there and right back…….I guess that sounds harsh, but I have been there for 4 dr. appts. in the last few weeks, and I will probably be there alot in weeks to come. So, I’m trying my best to stay home, keep my house clean, work on Christmas presents and all that jazz.

    And YES, we clean diligently BEFORE our trips, and make sure all things are in order. We love coming home to a clean house! And yes, if something happens, our relatives will at least inherit a clean house 🙂

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