They’re BAAACK!!

As Carol Ann said in Poltergeist II…

“They’re back!”

I’ll let the picture do the talking….

Remember this post?  Or this post?  Yep, they’re back again….

I guess if I want cold weather, this is the consequence…..


One thought on “They’re BAAACK!!

  1. Yes…….we have them in our garage, too. They are so tiny and so cute but so YUCK!!! Charles puts out poison for them that makes them “sick” and they come out in the open and just sit there and look at you. As in not running away from you……and so Sarah (in all her LOVE for animals) caught one last week and was so so sad when Charles told her it would soon die. She took it to the creek so it could live in it’s natural environment……….in other words, get eaten by the next creature in the food chain. She literally cried her heart out for 30 minutes and still gets upset when we remind her of it. I’m sure there are more in there, we just haven’t seen them yet……..

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