Soda Fountain

Today we went to Pizza Peel for lunch (actually we were “working” at the Pizza Peel as part of our Great Oaks fundraiser) and were able to help ourselves to drinks out of the soda fountain.  Here’s our conversation during lunch:

Paul:  “We need to get a soda fountain for the house.  That would be awesome!”

Callie:  “Do you know how fat you would be if you drank all those calories and all that sugar all the time?”

Paul:  “You would have to get up to go get the soda, so that burns it off, right?”

Callie:  “Sure, honey, whatever you say…”

Paul:  “BUT, if we put it NEXT to the desk in the office (b/w the XBox and the computer), then I would never have to get up!  Yes, yes, that would work….”



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