Life Goes On

We are now officially back to the grindstone of working everyday, I think….

The past month has been a revolving door for all of us…

Paul went on vacation

Tyler went on vacation

Paul took vacations day again while his parents were here

I went on vacation

Jesse went on vacation

And now Jim, Tyler, and Graham are all on a Boundary Water trip….

(Are you sensing a theme here)?

August and the 1st part of September are pretty much washed out by vacations….

Paul and I are back from all our travels (except Paul has gone/is going to Peoria 3 out of the 5 days this week), so we are back to a “somewhat” normal schedule…

Not too much to report.  We’ve been doing paperwork, answering the phone, organizing things for TRAIL, writing e-mails, cleaning, etc.

We had an awesome day of worship this past Sunday at church.  Jacob did a WONDERFUL job of leading worship!  And, we had a spur-of-the-moment baptism at the end of the service, which was even better!

This coming weekend we have “BIG DAY” at our church.  On Saturday they have a “carnival” (for lack of a better term):  inflatables, games, food, flea market, bake sale, etc. for community outreach and to raise money for IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service).  Then, on Sunday morning, we have a big worship service (another community outreach) and we are kicking off the OTC (Old Testament Challenge).  I think we’re going to go through the entire O.T. this fall….should be interesting.  Bob’s excited!

Other than that, not much is going on…

Here’s to another day!


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