Jamie and Elizabeth

Do you remember this post?  Or this post?

Well, while we were in New York, we took the train from New York (more specifically, from Grand Central Station) to Garrison, NY, which is not far from West Point, NY.  Jamie and Elizabeth live at West Point, so we were able to visit with them…

Here is Grand Central Station….

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

view from the train

 Not much to the Garrison Train Station.  You get off on the platform and walk straight to the parking lot….

Garrison Train Station

view of West Point from Garrison train station

We got there on Wednesday right around lunchtime.  Elizabeth picked us up from the train station and took us back to West Point.

West Point Visitors Center

Elizabeth and me in front of the West Point museum

 After the boys (they have three:  12, and twins, 6) got home from school and were off playing, Elizabeth took us on a walk around her neighborhood.

Michie Stadium

Football field

Resovoir at West Point (near their house)

mom and me on the bridge

new library

 On Wednesday night, after dinner, Jamie took us around West Point for a tour.  We had been there before, but it had been a long time….

Jamie and me

Jamie's house (they are very blessed with a big house)

On Thursday morning, before all the kids went to school, we took pictures…

Stephen and me

Jamie, me, and Stephen

Jamie and Elizabeth

Jamie and me

I also got to sit in on his Economics class on Thursday morning, but no pictures of that….

I can now say, “I’ve attended West Point.”  🙂

Thanks, Jamie and Elizabeth, for letting us come visit.  It was wonderful to see you!!


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