Central Park and 5th Ave.

On Tuesday we walked Central Park….actually we didn’t even walk 1/2 of it, I’m afraid, but we sure walked a lot of it….it was crazy!!  That place is huge!!  I had visions of what it would look like…sadly I was a little disappointed, but it was pretty, nonetheless.

Mom and me at Central Park

Carousel at Central Park

me in front of The Great Lawn

Central Park Zoo

Penguins being fed

Penguins under water

 We stayed in the Penguin House for a REALLY LONG time b/c it was air-conditioned….It felt really good!  On Tuesday, the high was 96!

The seal getting his teeth-brushed (I'm not kidding-with a normal toothbrush and everything)

Sea Lions getting fed

 Earlier in the day, on the way to Central Park, we walked down 5th Ave….I took pictures of the places we couldn’t even afford to step into…

Tiffany and Co.

Louis Vuitton

This picture is for my nephew, Alika.  He said he wanted a Louis Vuitton wallet from New York.  (Well, obviously that wasn’t going to happen and we couldn’t even find a cheap, knock-off one, so here’s a picture for him.  He can stick it in his wallet and then his wallet becomes a Louis Vuitton….sounds good to me!

We also went to the FAO Schwartz toy store….(the store where Tom Hanks played on the piano in the movie, “Big”)

this little girl was dancing like crazy....on the "Big" Piano

The Big Piano

in front of the HUGE stuffed animals-the elephant cost $999.99!

 In New York City, it’s hard to find store that will let you use their bathroom.  So…we visited several McDonald’s to go to the bathroom, along with this place.

Trump Tower

 Yes, we visited the bathrooms in Trump Tower.  No, we didn’t see Donald. 

My mom was hoping the toilets would be gold, but alas, they were normal.  Oh well, the fountain was kind of cool.

The Golden Fountain Wall in Trump Tower

Up next….but, of course, FOOD!!  You can’t go to New York and not eat….


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