Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I have no idea how to document my trip to New York and make it interesting…(I have 196 pictures to sort through)….

So, for now….our most popular modes of transportation….

#1:  OUR FEET!  I promise you we walked at least 10 miles a day….I’m not joking…

And, we decided that people in New York cannot be obese because they have to walk everywhere.  In New York a lot of the hotels do not have fitness centers….you don’t need them….you get your exercise walking everywhere!

On Tuesday, alone, we walked 52 blocks from 86th street to 34nd street, plus all around Central Park!  It was crazy!!!  So, I am thankful for my feet and my Tevas…


We rode the train from Grand Central Station to Garrison to go see my sweet friends, Jamie and Elizabeth.  More on that later….

Funny story about this subway entrance….whenever we got on the subway from our hotel, we would walk down this entrance.  But, whenever we wanted to come home, we could never find this as an exit.  We always came out at a different exit…strange….it’s like it disappeared when we went underground….


My mom said we “mastered” it, but I think we should just call it “luck.”  We did fairly well, but we also had nice people that helped us along the way….


I do not want to be in an airport again for a very long time…I spent 23 hours in Chicago on Thursday night/Friday….5 hours in the airport/on a plane on Thursday night and 6 hours in the airport on Friday….

#5:  THE CAB

We took a cab from the airport to the hotel and then again at the end of the week from the hotel to the train station….it wasn’t so bad….but the smell made me nauseous….

Now to go sort through pictures…MORE LATER!!!


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