Ready or Not…Here They Come!

In one hour, camp will start! 

In one hour, we will have 31 teenage girls here for a week!

In one hour, Paul will “let go” of some of his duties and let Nolan have the reigns. 

(Nolan just graduated from college and wants to go into camping, so he is the “program director” for the summer.  Yes, Paul still has the title and is ultimately “in charge” but Nolan will be the “go-to guy” for most of the summer…we shall see how that goes…)

In one hour, I will have to learn how to bite my tongue and not let the counselors drive me crazy.  (that’ll be a hard one)!

In one hour, our life for the next 7 weeks will consist of camp!

If you can’t find me or can’t get a hold of me, I’m either in Pine Tree or taking a nap between meals…

If you can’t find Paul or can’t get a hold of Paul, he’s either at the basketball court trying to keep everything under control or in the Chapel, sharing the gospel…

Wish us luck!!


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