A Night at the Cinema

No, we didn’t go to the movies, but I felt like we were in one…

It was combination of The Wizard of Oz


and Little House on the Prairie

(OK, I know that’s not a movie, but it’s close)…

It started about 8:00PM last night.  Our power went out and the sky got really still.  It’s hard to describe, but the sky was as dark as night, with a hint of color.  Here’s how I spent the hour…

Reading by candlelight…

Then, tornadoes starting hitting all around us.  There were 4 confirmed tornadoes in Central Illinois, three of them within 30 miles of us.   Then, about 9:00PM the rains began.

We were without power until 3:00AM, when all the lights,A/C, and washer came back on..thank goodness…we would have been a bunch of stinky people going to church this morning (remember, no power, no water)…

Here are the results from the tornadoes around us.

This is a real picture from the news of damage in Streator, IL,  about 33 miles away from us.  There were also tornadoes in Dwight, IL, about 55 miles away and in Peoria, IL.

You’d think we lived in Texas again, huh?


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