What’s For Dinner?

A continuation of my “yucky” day…

You have to laugh or you’ll just cry…

Tonight we were celebrating Ember’s birthday (there was 11 of us total).  I was bringing an entree and Texas toast.  Shannon was bringing an entree and a salad.  Rebecca and Jacob came over to our house to “help us” carry the food over.  Rebeccca is 5 and Jacob is 3.  They love to “help,” but you have to be careful what you give them to carry.  Of course, right?  I was careful to carry the hot upside down pizza casserole (yummy recipe, if anybody wants it).  Paul gave Rebecca the job of carrying the Texas toast. 

Here’s the empty dish of food…

Looks like everyone enjoyed it, huh?  NOPE…no one did…

Guess who dropped the casserole on the steps outside on the way upstairs!?

That would be ME…

The whole casserole went down (with no cover on it) and spilled ALL over the steps.  But, the GLASS casserole dish did not break at all.  It even hit bricks and still didn’t break.  But, needless to say, we had no upside down pizza casserole for dinner.  Luckily, Shannon made plenty of food.

My favorite long sleeve shirt may never be the same…I had pizza sauce on the front of my shirt, the BACK of my shirt, my jeans, my shoes, MY HAIR…everywhere!

It is a birthday for Ember to remember…


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