God Bless Texas

I went to Texas for 5 days over the Easter weekend…Here are some highlights of the week:

  • Doing some major shopping with Mom and Dad!!  🙂  Thanks…

I bought so much my mom has to mail me a package b/c it wouldn’t all fit in my suitcase

  • Seeing Uncle Johnnie and Aunt Ila one last time before they move to California!

Johnnie and Ila, I promise Paul and I will come visit soon.

  • Spending Easter Sunday with Mom and Dad
  • Watching the Lady Bears in the Final Four (even though they lost)
  • I absolutely loved going to Abilene to see my friends on Monday
  • Getting to spend time with the Derrick family (sorry, no picture)…

The not so fun part of my trip was spending a LOT of time in the Chicago airport.  My plane was supposed to take off at 8:00PM but didn’t take off until 9:30PM…and that was after an already 3 hour layover.

Here are some pictures…



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