God has to have a sense of humor…

God must have a sense of humor because our week has been very comical!!

Tyler and Shannon are down to one car.  They have  van but it is not running correctly right now, so they don’t use it.  Shannon takes the car to work everyday and Tyler stays home with the kids.  (They’ve been doing this for about 3 weeks now)

Jim and Ember only own one vehicle.  The earlier part of last week their van was not running correctly so it was out of commission for about a day.  Jim “tinkered” with it a little bit and after a day it seemed to be OK.

During this time last week the road began to get really bad, so we (everyone) were constantly getting stuck in the mud and in the ruts.  The red van (our other camp vehicle) cannot make it up the road and is too heavy to be pulled up, so it’s stuck down the hill by the office. 

We only own one vehicle, and on Sunday our car broke down, so it was not driveable.  It went into the shop on Monday.

Ember’s car started making a weird noise on Monday night.  She was afraid to use it, so she borrowed Shannon’s car to go to MOPS on Monday night.

Tuesday night the car place calls and says our car is ready (we were going to go get it on Wednesday morning).

Wednesday morning Ember and I go to Jazzercise and come out to a flat tire.  We call Paul.  No answer.  So, a lady from class brought us home (we are still using the shuttle system with the green truck to get in and out of camp).

We go pick up our car at 10:30AM.  I go on to Peoria to do some shopping at Gordon’s for this weekend.  Paul comes back to camp with the truck, so Ember can shuttle the kids to school.

Tyler and Shannon need an extra car to take the kids to the doctor today.  We said they could borrow our car, but they don’t want to.  So, we’re going to try to get the red van up the hill, so Tyler can use it.  He can’t use the green truck because we need as our shuttle system.  We’ll see if the red van can get up.  

It is truly comical to try to coordinate who has the truck, who needs the truck, where the truck is, and where the truck is going next.  It’s also funny that Tyler and Shannon’s house now looks like a used car lot with our car, Ember’s van, Jesse’s car, Nolan’s car, and Tyler’s van all parked up at the top by their driveway…

Funny, funny…Thanks, God, for the comedy, but soon we would appreciate it if you could make the ground hard so we can drive on it again.  (Especially since we have 60 people coming to camp tomorrow)…Thanks…


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