Deep in the Ruts

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the ruts?  Like you are just spinning your wheels doing the same thing over and over again with little to no change…or maybe you feel like you’re “stuck in the mud?”

Well, let me tell you…today I felt both…

I kept spinning the wheels over and over, without getting anywhere…and I just felt like I was stuck in the mud…


Welcome to the Spring MUD!!

A month ago I got the van stuck on the camp road in the ice and in the snow…and today it was our car stuck in our driveway…pictures do not do justice to how messy our driveway is…if you have pigs and they need a home, they can certainly come use our driveway for a mud pit (OK, not really; that would be gross.  I’m just saying it’s REALLY MUDDY)!!


The pictures are really self-explanatory (you can enlarge them to get the full effect)…(our car now looks like we’ve been “mudding”)…there’s even mud on the windshield and the side windows…we are cool, let me tell you…


2 thoughts on “Deep in the Ruts

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