Van (Bus) Driver

There is an old song by Caedom’s Call called “Bus Driver.”  I had forgotten about it…until tonight…

It’s a song about mattering and making a difference in the world in the small things we do each day.  And that, my friend, is what I did tonight…

I was a van driver tonight.  That’s all I did.  I left the Peoria office at 5:00PM to start picking up kids for club.  I have to pick up 5 kids in my van.  I brought them back to the office and we had club.  After watching our allotted “scene selections” of “Facing the Giants” (we are watching that movie in club this semester), Paul talked about the gospel and talked about “getting right with God.”  It was left at that…no decisions (that we know of), no questions, nothing…

Here I am again…the van driver.  We hop in the van and we take our same route (except backwards) to drop kids off.  I make my 1st two stops and I’ve got two more to go (two of my kids live in the same house).  We make a turn by the cemetery…and this is where it all begins.

“How do we get to Heaven?”

A simple question sparked a 20 minute conversation about becoming a Christian, what it means, how you do it, why it’s important, who can be saved, who can go to Heaven, who can not go to Heaven, what is Heaven like, is the Devil red (that one started a whole new conversation)…

Do you want to know what I did?  I drove around out of the way (and made the GPS mad)  just so I wouldn’t have to drop the boys off.  I made a few trips around the block because I didn’t want to miss the opportunity.  I wish we could’ve sat in the van forever…talking…but we couldn’t. 

So, I dropped them off and continued my route.  My heart was ten times larger than it usually is…

I wish I could bottle that conversation up and keep it forever.  I wish I could forever remember what they said, what I said (or better yet what God said through me because I have no idea how I answered all their questions)…

That, right there, my friends, makes being a van driver worth it!  That, right there, my friends, makes working at Great Oaks so important…it took me a year to get to that point, but I did it…

What my kids do with that information?…I don’t know.

Did they get down on their knees in the van and cry out to the Lord?…No.

Did they tell me they wanted to accept Jesus right then?…No.

Did they confess their sins in front of me and ask for forgiveness?…No.

Does any of that matter right now?…No.  In the long run it does, but for now, I’m OK with what happened.

Do I wish I could go right back over to their house tomorrow and talk to them some more?…Yes.  I can’t happen because I have to cook dinner for 85 people tomorrow night, but if I could, I would. 

But, don’t you know they will be on my heart and on my mind for the rest of the week until I see them again…

That makes being a van driver worth it..


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