Snow Day

excerpts from a story on

“…In Bowbells, in northwestern North Dakota, the wind chill hit 52-below zero Thursday morning…”

“…including negative 40 in parts of South Dakota…”

“…minus 27 in northeast Nebraska…”

“…An additional 10 inches of snow was expected in Iowa, already buried by more than 2 feet of snow in December…”

“…Wind gusts of 30 miles per hour were expected in Illinois — along with a foot of snow…”

OK, that last part pertains mostly to my state, but I will tell you we don’t have foot of snow…yet…We have about 7 1/2 inches (according to my tape measure this morning) and are expecting more tonight…we’ll see…but the temperature is 16, the highest it has been all week (we’re on a heat wave)!

Today I have on hiking boots, two pair of wool socks, two pair of pants, two shirts, a coat, a hat, and thermal gloves.  I’m really not that cold…but of course, the furthest I have walked is to Pine Tree and back…

Here’s some pics from today…

road going out of camp



our car


7 1/2 inches


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