We had a great time in Texas visiting family and friends.  We left on the 21st around 5PM and arrived in Waco on Sunday night around 9PM…LONG DRIVE!!

It really only takes about 15 hours, but we stopped several times and of course, spent the night in Missouri on the way there.  We were definitely glad to be out of the car on Sunday night.  Our niece and nephew were excited to see us, too.  They were supposed to be in bed, but Kainani kept looking out the window every 15 minutes or so, seeing if we were coming down the driveway.

Besides seeing our family throughout the week, we also got to see some of our dear friends that live in Texas.  My sweet, sweet friend, Kara, lives in Wisconsin (only 3 1/2 hours away from me) but we met in Waco to have coffee.  We joked that we had to travel “around the country” to meet at Starbucks.  (Her in-laws live in Waco, so it worked out well).  Paul’s best friend, Nathan, lives about 20 minutes away from my parent’s house, so he got to hang out with Nathan for most of the day on Wednesday.  We also got to meet Nathan and Tiffany’s sweet little girl, Parker.  I also got to have coffee with Susanne, my friend and mentor from jr. high and high school.  On Wednesday, while Paul was visiting with Nathan, I had lunch with Dawn and her family.  I’ve known them for 11 1/2 years…I love them and miss them greatly!  We are blessed to have friends who were able to visit with us while we were there.  I am so sorry we were not able to make it to Abilene, but there were just not enough days in the week….One special treat for me was that I got to have breakfast with my college roommate, Sue, on Monday morning after Thanksgiving.  She was driving from Indiana to Iowa and had to go through Peoria, which is only 30 minutes away from me.  So, after getting home on Sunday night around 8:00PM, I turned around at 7:30 on Monday morning and went to Peoria for breakfast…it was wonderful to see her!  She works at a camp in Iowa, so we were able to swap stories and share about life…

We didn’t take a lot of pictures throughout the week, but here are the ones I do have…sadly, we didn’t take any pictures with Paul’s family, but I promise, we did see them during the week.



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