The Rest of the Week

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went to Springfield, IL to play tourist and go visit Lincoln’s home and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.  We also ate at D’Arcy’s Pint, a restaurant that is famous for their Horseshoe sandwich.  We ended up getting a “Ponyshoe” (which is a smaller version), but it was pretty good.

On the way to Springfield it hailed on us and ended up raining off and on for about 4 hours…weird weather for Mom and Dad, considering it never rains in Texas…

On Thursday we spent most of the day in Peoria doing what Dad and I do best…shopping!!  Thursday night Dad and I went fishing but didn’t catch a thing.  It was late and I think all the fish were already asleep!

They left today around 1:00PM…we had a very nice visit and I enjoyed having them here…

The Lincoln Home

The Lincoln Family themselves...

our "Ponyshoe" (a sandwich topped with french fries and cheese sauce)

D'Arcy's Pint

dad and I fishing




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