Mom and Dad visit…

My mom and dad are here visiting for a week.  They arrived on Sunday morning and will leave on Saturday (unless we get tired of each other before then)…

Yesterday Paul and I took them to Mattieson State Park to hike.  We had a great time and I think my mom really enjoyed it…despite having to climb over fallen trees, through boulders and rocks, and through a lot of water and mud…

Then last night we did the ropes course at camp.  If any of you know mom and dad you know they are “older” so I was really surprised my dad did it.  But, mom wanted to do it and I don’t think dad was going to let her do it by herself, so he did it, too…here’s pictures to prove it…

Dad at Mattieson

Dad and Callie

Mom and Dad climbing over rocks

Mom thought it was easier to walk through the water then step on the rocks

getting ready to get on

Dad on the 1st element

Mom and Dad doing the ropes course

Dad on the air loops

Mom holding on for dear life...

Dad going down the zipline

Mom on the zipline


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