Just routine…

Not too much going on around here….just routine, I suppose.  This week we have 14 campers (I know, a very small number), ages 11-12 boys.  I think Paul and I are very spoiled that this is our first year of camp and we have such small numbers.  Last year they had anywhere from 50-55 campers each week, plus lots of guest groups.  This year our guest group numbers are way down and our camper numbers are smaller, too.  We are spoiled…but I think God is blessing us and taking care of us, seeing as it is our first year.  Thank you, God, for providing us with a slower summer for getting our feet wet in this new camping experience.

Speaking of feet, mine are tired.  It’s hard standing on your feet most of the day, working 12 hour days in the kitchen.  That’s right…I’m doing all 3 meals now…there was another cook that worked here, but let’s just say she no longer works here…so it’s all me!  I’m doing OK…I get some breaks in between meals, so that’s nice.  Right now I’m on break…I would watching The Bachelorette from last night, but I’m in the office, waiting on a phone call.

Paul is doing OK.  I think he is wearing himself down (he was sick on Friday and Saturday with almost 101 degree fever).  We went to the doctor on Sunday morning but the doctor said it was only a virus and there was really nothing she could do for him.  But, of course, it cost a pretty penny b/c they did a strep test…Paul seems to be doing better, but his voice is slowly fading, which should make his chapel message interesting tonight.

Two dates I am looking forward to:  July 26th and August 23rd.  Starting July 26th I get 7 days off!!  I think my parents are coming to visit us…too bad Paul will be gone for 4 days while they are here (he really is sad…wink, wink)…and, then, on August 23rd we are going to Colorado for 7 days for vacation!  I can’t wait…

But, until then, I will continue to press on…”I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 3:14


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