We’re Back…

We’ve been without internet since Friday…but we’re back…

Isn’t it funny to think how much we rely on internet/e-mail for information, news, weather, insight, conversations, etc…

We (everyone at camp) wanted to know what the weather was going to be today…we also said, “Well, I don’t know…we don’t have internet, so we can’t check it.”

I thought to myself…I really want to talk to Kara, my close and dear friend but I don’t have e-mail or Facebook…DUH!!  We do have telephones…(sorry, Kara, I did think about you, but I didn’t call…)  I’ll e-mail you tomorrow, though.  🙂

My mom e-mails me a couple of times and doesn’t get a response, so then she calls…she worries when she doesn’t get an e-mail from me…

It’s funny how our world revolves around the computer…

Anyway, we’re back…

We started Week Two today…20 teenage girls; this should be fun!  Paul and I enjoyed our day off on Saturday, complete with going out to lunch at Old Chicago for his birthday (his birthday is this coming Tuesday, the 23rd).  The service was slow but the company was good.  But, you will not believe what I saw at the restaurant.  At the table next to us, there was what looked to be a grandma, a mom, and a little girl having lunch together.  The little girl had a portable DVD player at the table and was watching a Disney movie while sitting at the table!   I couldn’t believe it…now our families can’t even go out to eat anymore without watching T.V….what has the world come to?!!

Anyway, think of us this week!!


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