Week One

It’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday…

I can’t really show you any pictures, so I’ll just tell you about it…

Our first week of campers arrived on Sunday afternoon (we have 19 teenage boys) and will be here through Friday morning.  They are typical teenage boys…picking on each other, talking back, roughhousing with each other, etc…boys will be boys, I suppose….

Paul is enjoying his time as Program Director.  He’s had some LONG days and SHORT nights, but overall, it’s going well.  I’ll have to ask him to post one of these days to give you his perspective.   The first week is almost like a “trial week” (tweeking schedules, learning how to do things, remembering something we might’ve forgotten)…by the end of Week Seven, we’ll be pros (or completely exhausted and dead on our feet)!  Tyler says Paul is very lucky…his week has gone smoothly so far…I think Tyler is jealous (Tyler used to be the Program Director a few years ago). 

I’ve had some long days on my feet.  Yesterday (through Friday) I worked (will work) 13 1/2 hour days in the kitchen.  I have to work all 3 meals, which means I’m in the kitchen at 6:00AM and out of the kitchen by 7:30PM…long days on my feet.  Yesterday I walked 5.61 miles, just walking in the kitchen and today I walked 7.01 miles…that’s just in the kitchen, dining hall, walk-in cooler, etc…by the end of the summer my calf muscles are going to be huge!

I wish I could say how the boys are doing, other than seeing them at meals, but because I’m in the kitchen so much, I hardly see them outside of mealtimes.  Here’s a rough “schedule” of what they doing during the day…

7:00-up and shower (in the dining hall bathroom, which means for the last 3 mornings I’ve found underwear and toothbrushes on the table…they get embarrassed when I hold the underwear up and someone has to claim it)…


8:30-clean cabins

9:00-9:40-bible study

9:40-12:30-different activities (b-ball, archery, field games, volleyball, etc)



3:00-4:00-rest/back in cabin

4:00-5:30-different activities



7:00-8:30-field games


9:30-get ready for bed

That’s just a rough estimate of what they do…but as you can see, they are busy, which is good b/c it keeps them out of trouble (or at least I like to think it does).  All of our campers will roughly follow that same schedule each week.  In bible study and chapel time they are studying “The Jesus Chronicles” and watching clips out of the movie, “The Gospel of John.”  Some of the kids have asked some interesting questions (and referenced to other stories they know, which is cool).  Just continue to pray for their hearts…that they will be touched by our love and commitment to them, despite our fatigue and short tempers at times…

Some of my favorite quotes so far:

“Dear Lord Jesus…please let this food taste good and not be nasty…”

“Dear Heavenly Father…we pray for this food; that’s there’s no bugs in it…”

“Where are the biscuits?” (I point to the biscuits) He says, “Oh, those look like flimsy waffles.”  Another kid thought the egg patties were the biscuits…strange, strange…

“Hey, we need some glow UP in the dark balls…”


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