The Lunch Lady

That is what I was called the other day…”The Lunch Lady”…I feel like I should have my hair in a bun and a dirty, stained apron on (instead of my cute cherry one my mom made me)…that’s what I have resorted to be is…”The Lunch Lady”


I have a new found respect for people who work in food service…anywhere…I apologize now to anyone who ever worked in the cafeteria of any school I went to or camp I attended.  I am sure, sometime in my life, I threw a napkin on the floor, dropped crumbs on the floor and didn’t pick them up, spilled something and didn’t clean it up, or took something from another table that was not mine…so, now, 20,10,5 years later, I am saying I’m sorry…

Kids do strange things in the dining hall…

I say, “_________(insert group name) there are 5 tables reserved for you, the rest are for our staff.”  They still spread out over 6-7 tables, even though I told them they could only have 5.

I put out a pitcher of lemonade on every table…I walk away and come back…one table’s pitcher is now completely empty.  I ask a Jr. High boy (that should be your first indication that something went wrong) where the lemonade in that pitcher went.  He looks at me like I’m speaking a different language.  I restated my question, “This pitcher was full; now it is empty.  Do you know what happened to it?”  He replies, “Yes, I switched it with ours b/c ours was all gone.”  So…instead of asking for more lemonade for his table (which I had extra made), he took it off of someone else’s table, so when they sat down, they wouldn’t have any…brilliant thinking by a 13 year old boy!

Vaccuums do not pick up large pieces of food or shredded up napkin pieces, so guess how many times I’ve crawled under the tables to pick up trash.

We have certain sanitation codes we have to follow (which I am grateful for).  For example, we have a serving line, which people walk through to get their food.  I put out a pair of tongs that they can use to pick up cookies (so they don’t touch every cookie on the tray).  They purposefully pick up the tongs, put them to the side of the tray and then use their fingers…(don’t worry, those tongs were just there for decoration)!

Well, I’m sure there will be more insights from “The Lunch Lady” as the summer goes on, but until then…

Please pray!  Camp starts tomorrow and I am a complete train wreck…so worried, so stressed, so scared…


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