Praise to Paul

This post is all about my wonderful husband…

About a month ago Paul got a letter in the mail from Logsdon Seminary (where we got our Master’s).  They said he had won an award for student excellence (or something like that).  They invited him to an awards ceremony on April 24th, which obviously he couldn’t attend (b/c of work).  Well, this past week he got his award in the mail.  He received a very nice plaque and a certificate, along with a monetary award.  Hopefully you can read what they say…(to make the picture bigger, just click on it)

his plaque

his certificate

his award letter, certificate, and plaque


I am very proud of Paul.  He always excelled in school and made very good grades while we were at Logsdon.  He loves to learn and enjoyed being in school (and might go back someday).  He was always helping me and “teaching” me when I didn’t understand (which was quite often).  He always enjoys a good discussion on theology (which would make Dr. Stiver so proud) and enjoys the question, “What if…”

All of that to say, if you talk to Paul on Facebook or e-mail, make sure to tell him congratulations!  🙂  I love him very much and am thankful that God brought us together.