Old Friends, Tulips, and A Good Fish Tale

What a random week…lots of different things…each day is definitely different than the one before…

On Wednesday we were off of work (yea!!)…I slept until 10:00!  We don’t have any windows in our bedroom so if you close the door, it’s really dark.  Without a clock, you could sleep all day and never know it was daylight (however, I did have to set an alarm to get up by 10).  We drove to Morton, IL (about 45 minutes away) and met Paul’s best friend, Jonathan (Noj) and his wife, Breeanne for lunch.  They actually live in Pennsylvania but were in Morton for a pastor’s conference, so we took the opportunity to see them.  It was good to catch up!

Thursday and Friday Paul and I facilitated on the ropes course.  I belayed several kids down the climbing wall and helped on the Leap of Faith.  Paul belayed on the wall and then helped on the actual course.  He did actually have to go out on the course twice to help two different kids…I was very proud of him for stepping out and doing that!  Maybe one day he’ll do the whole course…but until then he can stand at the entrance and help people on and off.

We have had lots and lots of rain since we’ve moved here.  I’ve loved it!  We had a good thunderstorm on Thursday night, along with rain this morning and more thunder tonight.  Because of all the rain, we now have tulips in our front yard (thanks to Ember’s mom who planted them).  They are really pretty…I think there are about 60 total, if they all bloom.

Tonight we went fishing in the pond.  I caught a catfish that was “this long” (I’m holding out my hands way far apart)!  🙂  It was really big, though, probably about 12 inches long!  I wouldn’t touch it so Jim had to take the hook out.


Believe it or not, we moved here exactly two months ago today…on February 25th we rolled into Illinois to begin our new life here…there have definitely up and down days, moments of frustration, lots of prayers lifted to our Lord, an occasional tear of homesickness, but we have also been making wonderful memories and developing lots of new relationships.  Thank you for journeying with us!

Paul, Noj, and Breeanne (and their 2nd little one due in July)

our front yard (that we share with Jim and Ember)


All ready to go fishin'!


with the fish (i didn't want to touch it)

My fish that was "this big" (my arms stretched out wide)!!



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