Anchor Yourself In

Wednesday morning Paul and I went down to the ropes course with Jim and practiced tying knots and belaying off the climbing wall.  The knot tying got a little better…we still struggled a little bit.  It’s hard b/c you try it several times and don’t get it and then you get it once, but you don’t really remember how you tied it so when you try it again, you don’t get it…frustrating, huh?  Anyway, if we keep practicing I think we’ll get it.

Then we practiced belaying…let me tell you…make sure you’re anchored into the tree before you try to belay someone…I was belaying Paul down the wall and flew up crashing into Paul as he was coming in.  Then I tried to belay Jim…it was a little better because Paul stood behind me and held me down…my feet only came off the ground a little bit.

After we belayed for a little bit, I went over and did the ropes course.  Because we were short on time I only did part of it.  It was really fun!  Here are some pictures…

last element of course

swinging steps

swinging steps (probably my favorite part I did on Wednesday)

on 1st element

entrance to the course



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