Ropes Course and Chicago

Here at Great Oaks camp we have a Challenge Course (ropes course) with both high and low elements.  We spent 8 hours on Friday learning to facilitate on the ropes course.  The word “learning” is used loosely because it will take some time before I am comfortable leading on my own, but I think we’ll eventually get there.  We had to learn how to tie three knots, two of which I still can’t do.  I can talk through it but my hands don’t seem to do what my head is thinking when it comes to moving the rope.

On Saturday we went to Chicago with two of our friends, Brian and Julie.  We went to the Urban Reload Conference, a conference about working with urban youth.  It was a really good conference and I enjoyed it a lot.  After the conference was over we walked around “downtown” Chicago a little bit.  Brian went to Moody Bible Institute so he knew where to go.  I was thankful for our tour guide.  We ate at Girodano’s to eat Chicago style pizza (very yummy)!  We went to eat at 4:45PM and it was about a 45 minute wait…it was so crowded in there!  I’m sure if they had a fire code it was being violated big time…

Then Brian took us down Michigan Ave. which has very ritzy, expensive stores on it.  Macy’s, Tiffany’s, Saks Fifth Ave., Banana Republic, American Girl Place, Louis Vuttion, etc…a lot of stores that I couldn’t afford to even walk in.  Then we went down to the beach and saw Lake Michigan…we had a good time!


Paul crawling through the 3-D web

Brian "rescuing" Jim (just practicing)

Chicago Skyline

Giordano's Pizza--YUMMY!!

Paul and me

Lake Michigan

The Drake hotel, from the movie, My Best Friend's Wedding



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